Kilifi New Year is a community and a participatory event. The people who join every year are not simply “attendees”, they are the ones who make the magic! They create the peaceful atmosphere, the art, the performance and ultimately the experience that is Kilifi New Year.

The festival relies on the spirit of collaboration and freedom of expression to add magic, surprise and unpredictability. We are looking for all matters of artists and performers to help add spontaneity and wonder to the mix! Whether you are a masseuse, yoga teacher, fire dancer, graffiti or conceptual artist, an illusionist, hula hoopist, or part of a circus troupe, we would love to welcome you! As Burning Man festival puts it so well, the festival is “the sum total of the activities of its participants, and the ways to participate are as unlimited as one’s imagination”.

If you have a performance that you think could add to the spirit of Kilifi New Year please Download the Application Form here and send it back via email to