Disco Vumbi is a mix of electronic music and live instruments, created and produced by Alai K, which features Mijikenda rhythms, Chakacha and Benga music. It is inspired by Kenyan music from the 1950s to 1990s. The name Disco Vumbi refers to a saying from the 1970s when people would go out to a dance in the streets and came home covered in dust(vumbi). While Kenyan music was influenced a lot by Western pop music since the turn of the century, Disco Vumbi is coming to give you the local old-school music in a new style. Alai K has been in the Kenyan music industry since 1995, starting out with the Hip Hop collective Ukoo Flani and afterwards pursuing his solo career as a singer and songwriter. Later on he ventured into music production and that is when Disco Vumbi emerged. Disco Vumbi is about dancing and singing together to celebrate the music according to the Kenyan culture. Cheza!