Here you can find some information about Kilifi New Year and the area of Kilifi. Hopefully it will help answer most of your questions. If not, please contact us and we’ll do our best to get back you within 48 hours.

What is Kilifi New Year?

Set deep in the jungle of Kenya’s majestic Kilifi Creek, Kilifi New Year is a radically creative two day explosion of music, arts and tropical beach culture. Incredible performers from around Africa and the world will unite to put on a unique, technicolour show celebrating the exciting intersection between African and global electronic music. Expect nothing less than an unforgettable few days packed with the most exhilarating vibes the continent has to offer. See you all there!

What are the dates of the event? When can we start camping?

The campsite will open its gates on 30th December with small gigs after sound test and close on 2nd January, but the music will start officially on the 31st Dec. But watch out for some serious warm up events at Distant Relatives from 26th December!

What is the minimum age to attend Kilifi New Year?

The minimum age limit to enter the festival is 18. This is a strict policy and anybody born in 2000 or later, even if accompanied by an adult, will not be permitted entrance.

Will I be able to buy tickets at the gate? Does the event sell out?

Tricky question! Most years, we have nearly sold out before the event started. This year, more people seem to attending and tickets will be limited as usual. Hence, to be safe, best to plan ahead and purchase your tickets in advance. If the event is not sold out, we will have remaining tickets for sale at the gate.

I bought a ticket but cannot attend. Can you refund my ticket or can I transfer it?

Sorry, no refunds or ticket transfers will be possible.

I have a ticket. What do I need to bring?

Great! All you will need to bring to retrieve your ticket at the gate is your ID and your Ticket Number. Without ID we will unfortunately not be able to allow you in.

Do I need to bring cash? Is there an ATM? Can I pay by credit card or MPESA?

Yes, if you plan to buy food, buy from the many stalls and buy some drinks from our bar, you’ll be able to buy vouchers with cash or by MPESA. No credit card payments will be taken and we will not have ATMs on site. There are many ATMs in town though.

Can I volunteer?

Yes you can! Volunteer positions are limited but it’s possible. The reason why positions are limited is that we lack time to train new crew. While Kenyan citizens are most welcome to volunteer with us, keep in mind that volunteering in Kenya for foreigners, just like employment, is prohibited by Kenyan Law unless you acquire the relevant permit from the Department of Immigration. More info here.

How is the security at Kilifi New Year and the region in general?

After spending 6 years in Kilifi, we find it to be a safe place. Like everywhere in the world, some minor and more violent incidents do occur from time to time, yet remain very isolated occurrences.

Nevertheless, rest assured we do not take security lightly – we have a comprehensive, lasting, and versatile security system to ensure guests their peace of mind. We will have tens of trained security professionals, day and night, around the festival perimeter and patrolling within the festival area. We will also have armed Administration Police patrolling the site as well as around perimeter and main gates. We also have Amini local Neighborhood Patrol and KK Security on standby.

Most importantly, we live in a very peaceful part of town with friendly and watchful neighbours.

What activities are there to do in Kilifi?

There’s a lot to do in Kilifi – from exploring 10km white sand beaches and the beautiful countryside, diving, sailing, delicious restaurants, and much more. For more info, have a look at the Activities page of Distant relatives Ecolodge & Backpackers.

Press: Are Press Accreditations possible?

Absolutely. Follow this link here for more info.

I am a photographer and/ or a film maker – can I cover the event?

Yes, we would love to welcome you but please understand that only a limited amount of spots will be available. Send us an email with some info about your work and we’ll take it from there!

Is Kilifi New Year right on the beach?

Unfortunately not, we are set in the jungle right near Kilifi Creek. But we’re just a few minutes drive away from Kilifi’s famous 10km white sand Bofa Beach as well as a few smaller beaches, but only a short drive to the Bofa Beach and Kilifi Creek.

Will I be able to swim?

While we’re not on the beach, we’ll still have all kinds of water features, showers and water games for everyone to cool down whenever they need. Rumour also has it that we are building a big dam in the valley next year with ziplines from surrounding baobabs!

What is Kilifi’s infrastructure like?

The infrastructure of Kilifi is starting to be well developed with:

  • Banks with ATMs (Diamond Trust, Barclays, Equity Bank, KCB as well as smaller banks)
  • Supermarkets including Tusky’s, local food markets (butchers, vegetable market), bottle shops, Italian delicatessen, fresh juice stands, and more!
  • Post office, internet cafes, hairdressers, weavers, tailors, carvers, mechanics, etc.
  • Curio and handcraft shops as well as extensive street markets for clothing and fabric,
    hardware and electronics shops
  • Kilifi District Hospital, private clinics, pharmacies/chemists/ vets, as well as a KEMRI – an
    international medical research institute.
  • Wide range of restaurants and bars from the most traditional/local to the highest standards.

Most guests have no trouble finding everything they need right here in Kilifi!

What about malaria?

Just like anywhere else along the Kenyan coast and most of East Africa, Kilifi is an endemic area for malaria. However, December being our dry season, less mosquitoes are around at this time of year. Kilifi is also home to a site for the KEMRI-Welcome Trust, the Kenya Medical Research Institute, a major centre for clinical and epidemiological research on malaria. Thanks in large part to KEMRI, hospital admissions for malaria in the area have decreased from 18.43 per 1000 children in 2003 to 3.42 in 2007 (divided by 5 in 4 years). Since we moved to Kilifi in 2010, near to no one has ever had Malaria. Even so, we do recommend the use of prophylaxis to prevent malaria while you are in a malaria zone.

Read here for more info on some of your best options:

You could also consider looking into homeopathic alternatives.

Can you comment on the general safety of Distant Relatives and Kilifi?

Kilifi is a relatively safe place, even by night as a foreigner. Some violent incidents have happened in the past, yet remain very isolated occurrences. On site at Kilifi New Year we have a comprehensive, lasting, and versatile security system to ensure guests their peace of mind. We have permanent security guards on watch day and night, as well as a private security company and a community watch group on call with emergency buttons spread throughout the premises. Most importantly, we live in a very peaceful part of Kenya with friendly and watchful neighbours who have never been too worried about security issues.

Can I bring my 4x4 with roof tent and/or park next to my campsite?

Yup! We have prepared an awesome area for you to park your car or van. We’ll have showers and toilets available for you but no power. Spaces will be limited and fees will apply.

I’m coming from overseas, do I need a visa?

If you are not a Kenyan citizen or a Resident with a work permit, you will be required to obtain a Tourist Visa. Depending on your nationality, you will be able to obtain a tourist visa at immigration at the airport for US $50 (check with your embassy). You can also apply for your visa online prior to departure. Kenyan tourist visas typically last for three months and is renewable once after which you must leave East Africa. Nearest Immigration offices are in Mombasa and Malindi.

What about things like sun-screen and mosquito repellent?

Bring them! The equatorial sun can be ruthless and whilst its is the dry season, there will still be a few mosquitoes around.

What is the weather like on the coast of Kenya?

Being only three degrees south of the equator, Kilifi and most other parts of the Kenyan coast are pretty hot all year round. “Hot” can be a relative term though, depending on where in the world you are coming from, but most guests find it hotter than they are used to. The rainy and therefore cooler season is normally April and May, as well as October and November. Click here to view charts of average temperatures and rainfall in Kilifi.

Above doesn’t answer my question. How can I contact you?

Click here to go through to our contact page.