Born in Nairobi and having lived and travelled all over the world (6 Continents) Insight Sound defines himself as a Universal Soul.

His musical coming of age occurred in Bristol, England 1996 when he went to his first underground rave; where he instantly fell in love with Underground Dance Culture. He soon there after started DJing under the moniker Blaze. Playing Jungle and Drum and Bass in innumerable venues and parties as well as holding residencies in Bristol UK (Rhythm Purist, Club Loco 1996-1999) Florence Italy (Loop, H2O2 2002-2004) Syracuse USA (Beats In Motion, Mezzanotte 2004-2006)

With his return to Nairobi in 2006, came a Major shift to become Insight Sound,   with an opening up of musical range.

Insight Sound spins and aurally illustrates the Universal Thread of Human Consciousness through Music.