Kilifi New Year 2018 is ready to welcome applications for all Vendors and Stallholders.

Kilifi New Year is a participatory event – it is the amazingly creative volunteers, artists and attendees who make this festival what it is today. Therefore, we would LOVE you to join us with all your delicious, beautiful or astounding services and creations – whether that be food, non-alcoholic drinks, art, clothing, or even a tattoo stand, a kinyozi or anything else.

This year’s event hopes to attract 2500 attendees and Kilifi New Year will not provide any catering or retail outlets to these attendees whatsoever. This is hence an incredible opportunity for setting up delicious food stalls.

Here is a little FAQ which hopefully will allow you to better understand how we plan to host vendors and stall holders:

When can your stall operate? When to setup and pack down?

    • Prior to the event, we will be hosting several warm-up events at Distant Relatives Ecolodge & Backpackers. We would be honoured to welcome the trading stalls (i.e. no food stalls) at no extra cost because we already have an operational restaurant on site. Please keep in mind this is a different location (about 5km away) and we will not be providing any tables or lighting.
    • The event will run at its fullest on 31st December and 1st January until mid-day on the 2nd. Some people will start camping on the 30th and we’ll host a smaller event on the 30th too. Hence you should be able to operate for 3 full days – from mid-day on the 30th December to mid-day 2nd January.
    • Setup: All vendors and stall holders must be fully set up by the evening of the 30th of December. Please report to security at the festival gate upon arrival and introduce yourself to the Stalls and Vendors liaison staff member who will show you to your allocated spot.
    • Pack down: You are responsible for packing down your stall independently. You must dispose of all waste and leave no trace.

What will Kilifi New Year provide?

    • An allocated 6 x 3ft table for service.
    • An overhead frame allowing you to attach décor and shade cloth.
    • Power: You will be given access to power although only low power rated equipment will be allowed (e.g. kettles). Feel free to double check with us directly. Although we always over cater for power, the risk of overloading power puts the entire event at risk, hence we must apply strict rules, we hope you can understand.
    • Water: This year, thanks to your feedback/ suggestions from last year, we will have a communal washing station for stall holders.
    • Free camping for stall holders and their staff.
    • We will nominate one member of our staff as a liaison between all stall holders for any questions or issues prior, during and after the event.

What must you provide?

    • All your own staff and equipment
    • Reliable and consistent service to festivalgoers and campers.
    • Very good signage of your stall, product and clearly displayed price lists
    • Secure cash box and change
    • All décor, extra lighting, chairs
    • Shade cover to setup on frame above stall

How to apply for a stall?

If you would like to apply for a stall as a vendor please Download the Application Form Here and send us back via email at While we encourage as much diversity of stalls as possible, please understand that spots are limited. Once your application is received, we will back to you as soon as possible. Your booking will only be considered as Confirmed once full fees have been paid.