Our vision is to contribute to global peace by bringing beautiful people and cultures together. We believe in the transformational power of festivals. We want to create a radically creative space in the middle of magical nature which offers the time and space to indulge in truly authentic communication. We want to build a community of people that are delighted to spend time together in peace and harmony, we want to encourage personal growth and social change, we want to spread the model of environmentally and socially conscious living, we want to expose our guests to incredible art and simply blow their minds with astounding production. Kilifi New Year is a message of optimism, come join the celebration!


Here on the new magical grounds of Kilifi New Year, in the same way as Distant Relatives Ecolodge & Backpackers down the road, you’ll quickly notice we do things a little differently. But, what does itreally mean to be an “eco-festival” and why does it matter?

As owners that have travelled the world with an unquenchable passion for promoting conscious lifestyles, we have always had a deep passion for sustainability: an idea centered around mindfully living which promotes long term social, cultural, and environmental prosperity with the future generations in mind. After studying various aspects of sustainable living in university, we were eager to apply these principles to the real world. What we have done has come from the heart, often through trial and error (perhaps more often error) and patient stubborn perseverance. We were first able to put this into practice with Distant Relatives, setup in 2012, and we now want to build onto what we’ve learnt to make the Kilifi New Year site an event greater model of conscious living.

Read more here about Distant Relatives and our love for sustainability


Leave No Trace!

Kilifi New Year is a firm supporter of Leave No Trace. “Leave no trace” is much more than simple litter removal from the floor, we see it as an environmental approach – an essential step towards more conscious living – not only just for festival-goers but also in our daily life. For some festivals like Burning Man, Leave No Trace is actually a requirement for the organisers – if any MOOP (“Matter Out Of Place”) is left behind, the Burning Man organisation will loose their license to operate for the coming years. We have no such constraint, it’s only because we genuinely care and love our environment and we feel like it deserves every bit of respect we can offer.

Part of partying with a purpose is respecting the land you play on. Having the opportunity to gather at such exotic locations and magical venues around the world is a privilege, the land often contributes in so many ways to the attendee experience. Working together as a community to minimise our footprint on the planet, to keep the venue clean and beautiful is something that leaves a lasting mark on attendees, festival curators and our lovely planet.

Dance Music Now said: “By the time the weekend is over, most festival grounds typically look as though you would be walking through the refugee camps of an impoverished nation on the brink of being over run by a genocidal war lord. Maybe we’re being a little hyperbolic, but there is a serious need to address how filthy we leave our campsites. It’s odd that we look to these festivals as our “home” but treat them like our trash cans.”

Kilifi New Year, just like Distant Relatives, is an experimental model of conscious living. We want to explore new ways to reduce our impact on the planet. Sometimes, our ideas might not work, they might not be practical, but over time, we hope to find easy solutions that we can all later take back home with us.

What can you do to get involved?

  • Dispose of waste in bins supplied around site (with waste separation), leave no waste behind and help collect any waste you see around
  • Bring your own cup: Over past years, contrarily to what some people thought, our plastic cups were reused year after year if still in good condition. This year, we will still be providing cups, but we would like to encourage everyone to bring their own cup – tie it to your belt when you go dance!
  • Bring your own water bottle – you can refill at the bar for cheaper than purchasing a plastic bottle.
  • For caterers, we will ban plastic cutlery. Cardboard plates allowed.
  • Minimise vehicles, use public transport or share a ride with friends – carpool!

All plastic bottles, glass and aluminium will be recycled, any metal will be reused by scrap metal shops, organic waste will be composted.

Do you have any simple and practical ideas that would allow us to reduce our impact? Send us an email: info@kilifinewyear.com