Kilifi New Year would most definitely not be the festival it is today without the countless hours of work, good vibes, creativity and great ideas of our beloved volunteers over the years. Volunteers are core to the soul of this event.

Kilifi New Year aims to become an increasingly participatory event. We want everyone to get involved, to get creative, to feel like they’re part of this event, to feel like they made the magic! Volunteering is the best way to become a vital part of this lovely community.

We offer a variety of ways to participate, regardless of one’s physical capabilities, skills, or interests. Whether it is helping with the site development and build, photography, computer-based work, decor and installations or doing shifts during the event, we need you! Make a difference: Participate!

So what’s the deal for volunteers?

First of all, let’s talk about your legal status! While Kenyan citizens are most welcome to volunteer with us, keep in mind that volunteering in Kenya for foreigners, just like employment, is prohibited by Kenyan Law unless you acquire the relevant permit from the Department of Immigration.

How many volunteers are we welcoming? Volunteer positions are limited but you certainly have a chance if you contact us early – let’s say by mid-October at the latest ideally.

There will be different calls out for particularly skilled volunteers, so keep your ear to the website and Facebook to catch the position for you.

  • One meal per shift
  • Camping space – bring your own tent
  • The chance to make great friends in one of the most incredible festival environments on the planet.
  • Volunteers will be required to work for a certain amount of time to qualify for a ticket to the event. Some volunteer work will be before the event, during the event and/or after the event.
    • Pre – event with Build Team: Minimum one month.
    • During event with Production Team: Minimum 2 long shifts.
    • Post event with Cleanup Team: Minimum one week.
  • Punctuality and hard work – Volunteers who do not seem to care will be asked to leave without notice.

If you would like to apply as a volunteer, please email:

We will get back to you ASAP.