Zipporah (Mia Zur-Szpiro) has gained notoriety for her resident shows on Worldwide FM and Radar Radio, and as Editor and Head of Film for the music platform, Stamp The Wax. Zipporah specialises in unearthing cutting-edge musical talents and scenes from all around the world, with her unique films, features and record digging. From Palestinian bass, Nairobi hip-hop, Vancouver house, Melbourne soul, Bristolian Dub, Japanese Jazz, Israeli techno and more, there is no sound and place Zipporah isn’t interested in, though her sets dive deep into bassy spectrums and grooves, her eclectic sets are guaranteed to get you dancing. Zipporah has played to crowds around the world, from Tel Aviv, Croatia, Uganda, Berlin and is currently out in Nairobi making a documentary about the local underground music scene and recently produced a Worldwide FM Nairobi takeover.